Do CCIE Exams Need to be Recertified

It is important for candidates to remember that candidates have to re-certify the test if they  pass the CCIE written test and the laboratory test.
If you do not re-certify, the corresponding rights granted by cisco will be gone. CCIE Authentication is divided into three parts: active, suspended, and inactive.

1. If you do not re-certify CCIE for more than two years, then your CCIE status will become suspended in the third year. It means that your CCIE number is temporarily suspended and needs to be re-authenticated during the year.

2. In the suspended state, you can reactivate your CCIE number by taking any CCIE written test. That is to say, you can finish any re-certification by taking any CCIE written test within 3 years of passing the CCIE certification.

3. If you don’t re-certified, then your CCIE status will become inactive in the fourth year. If you want to activate this CCIE number, you have to take another LAB test, but your time and economic cost will increase.

4.Besides CCIE, the other two important certificates of Cisco are also valid The CCNA and CCNP are valid for three years.
In summary, CCIE is valid for two years and the buffer time is one year. Candidates have to re-certificate within the validity period.